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Technical Education Equipment  Female Pelvis
Technical Education Equipment  Male Pelvis
Technical Education Equipment  Vertebral Column with Pelvis
Technical Education Equipment  Skeleton with Nerves & Blood Vessels
Technical Education Equipment  Hand Skeleton with Ligaments
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Technical Education Equipment  Female Breast with Diseases

Human Anatomy Models, Zoology Models, Botany Models

Fiber & PVC Human Anatomy, Botany & Zoology Models for Medical Training in Universities,Colleges & Schools

Menschliches Schädelmodell von HeineScientific Skull Model   Menschliches Skelett in Originalgröße von HeineScientific Life-Sized Human Skeleton
Menschliche Wirbelsäule Spine with Pelvis   Komplettes menschliches Skelett, unmontiert Skeleton Set
Foetal Skull Model Foetal Skull Model   Female Pelvis Female Pelvis
Mini-Skelett von HeineScientific

Desktop Skeleton "Mini"

  Male Pelvis Male Pelvis
Didactic Vertebral Column with Pelvis Didactic Vertebral Column with Pelvis   Anatomical Skeleton Model with Nerves and Blood Vessels Anatomical Skeleton Model with Nerves and Blood Vessels
Vertebral Column Model with Pelvis and Femoral Heads Vertebral Column Model with Pelvis and Femoral Heads   Handskelett mit Bandapparat Hand Skeleton with Ligaments
Knee Model Knee Model   Fußskelett mit Bandapparat Anatomical Foot Model
Pregnancy Model with Removable Foetus Pregnancy Model with Removable Foetus   Torso-Modell von HeineScientific Torso Model, 40 parts
Modell der Schultermuskulatur von -HeineScientific Anatomical Model of Shoulder Musculature   Model of a Kidney Model of a Kidney with Adrenal Gland
Modell einer Gallenblase mit Gallenstein von HeineScientific Gallstone Model   Arteriosklerose-Modell von HeineScientific Arteriosclerosis Model
3-teiliges Prostata-Modell von HeineScientific Prostate Model with Diseases   Modell einer Speiseröhre von HeineScientific Anatomical Model of Esophagus with Diseases
Zerlegbare Zahnmodelle im 2er-Set von HeineScientific Tooth Model, set of 2   Modell der Gebissentwicklung von HeineScientific Model of Tooth Develeopment
Anatomische Modelle: Handskelett, zerlegbar und vergrößert

Anatomical Hand Model, 3 parts

  Ohr-Modell, 3-fach vergrößert, von HeineScientific Ear Model, three times life size
Herzmodell in Originalgröße von HeineScientific Heart Model, 2 parts   Modell einer Lungenhälfte von HeineScientific Anatomical Model of a Lung
Uterus-Modell mit Erkrankungen von HeineScientific Model of Uterus with Diseases   Bluthochdruckmodell von HeineScientific Hypertension Model
6-teiliges Augenmodell von HeineScientific Eye Model, 6 parts   Erkrankungen des Rektum als Querschnittmodell Rectal Diseases
Pancreatic Diseases Pancreatic Diseases   Model of Thyroid Diseases Model of Thyroid Diseases
Modell eines Menschlichen Gehirns Brain Model   Model of the Lungs
Farbiger menschlicher Schädel als anatomisches Modell Demonstration and Teaching Skull   Bandscheibenmodell mit Bandscheibenvorfall Model of Disc, 4 parts
Anatomisches Modell einer menschlichen Lunge Lung Model, transparent   Dickdarm als anatomisches Schnittmodell Large Intestine with Diseases
Anatomiemodell der menschlichen Haut Anatomical Skin Model   Anatomisches Modell  - menschlicher Kehlkopf als Schnittmodell Larynx Model
Anatomisches Modell, Männliches Becken, lebensgroß Pelvis Model, male   Anatomisches Modell - Weibliches Becken Pelvis Model, female
Vertebral Column Osteoporosis Model Vertebral Column Osteoporosis Model   Lymph Node Model Lymph Node Model
Femal Bladder Femal Bladder   Liver and Gallbladder Liver and Gallbladder
Head Model Head Model   Female Breast

Female Breast with Diseases

Mediastinum Model Mediastinum Model   Vertebra and Spinal Cord Vertebra and Spinal Cord
Ovary with Ovum Ovary with Ovum   Knee Model with Rheumatism Knee Model with Rheumatism
Human Teeth Human Teeth      
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